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Indoor Air Quality​


Building-Related Illness (BRI) and Sick-Building Syndrome (SBS) are ways to describe serious indoor air quality (IAQ) problems. Often the indications are more subtle and the symptoms not as widespread. A homeowner, tenant or employee having allergic-type symptoms or a reaction to something in the indoor environment can be a miserable and frustrating experience. Clean Air Management, Inc. uses an initial 3 part approach of interview, inspection and initial sampling to develop a hypothesis and prescribe a course of action to correct the problem.



Mold Inspection & Testing

Clean Air Management, Inc. offers professional mold and moisture inspections.


  • IICRC trained and certified inspectors using the S520 Standard and Guidline for Mold Remediation

  • Full inspection to determine the character, cause and extent of the mold and recommendations for complete remediation

  • Detailed restoration protocols

  • Cause and duration investigations

  • Post-remediation inspections and testing

  • In-house laboratory for fast turnaround (24-48 hour results are standard)

  • Detailed, comprehensive reports

Water Damage Services

Expert inspections with infra-red thermography and various moisture meters from an inspector with over 25 years experience and training/certification in IICRC water damage restoration, structure drying, IICRC mold remediation, NADCA duct cleaning, infra-red thermography, licensed builder.


  • Water Damage Investigations

  • All Categories of Water

  • Using IICRC S520 Guidelines

  • Detailed Protocols

  • IEP Services

  • Cause and Duration Inspections

  • Category 3 Water Damage inspections 

  • Sewage Testing

  • Post Remediation Assessments

  • Insurance Inspections

  • Expert Witness and Litigation Support




Formaldehyde Testing

Clean Air Management, Inc. includes real-time Formaldehyde testing with every indoor air quality investigation. Recent news reports on Formaldehyde in laminate flooring have sparked concern among homeowners and building managers.  Clean Air Management, Inc. also offers stationary air testing with laboratory analysis and material testing for Formaldehyde content. 



Legionella Services


Clean Air Management, Inc. offers professional testing and management programs for Legionella prevention and response to an exposure incident.

Our services include:


  • Inspection

  • Sampling

  • ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2015 Compliance

  • Written Plans

Cleaning Efficacy Testing and Verification 


Clean Air Management, Inc. offers surface testing with immediate results as well as a full array of laboratory analysis for bacteria, fungi and other measures of cleaning including dust and particulate.


We make the invisible visible


  • 5 second on-site results

  • Validated method

  • Prove cleaning effectiveness 

  • Train your cleaning team

  • Improve your cleaning methods

  • Several methods of inspection

  • Customized to your needs


Immediate surface results using ATP, a proven hygiene method used widely in health care and the food industry where critical cleaning is essential.  Clean Air Management has been using this system for nearly 20 years to verify cleaning efficacy and provide clearance of areas following critical cleaning.  Bacteria and fungal laboratory testing, dust analysis, airborne particle counting and specialized chemical/biological sampling also available.


You can’t expect what you don’t inspect

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