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Clean Air Management, Inc. offers the most experienced and qualified indoor air quality inspectors in Southwest Florida, using the latest equipment and state of the art methods.


Clean Air Management began in 1988 offering asbestos testing and industrial hygiene services. Soon our client list included several Fortune 500 companies.  

Meeting a demand to solve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems faced by our clients, we began performing IAQ investigations and specialized testing long before the IAQ industry evolved to its current level of recognition.  





Clean Air Management, Inc. offers indoor air quality (IAQ) services throught South Florida.


Our philosophy is to offer a multi-disciplinary approach that includes experienced inspectors with training and credentials in a variety of disciplines such as water damage restoration, mold, building science, construction, industrial hygiene, hazardous waste, lead, asbestos, radon, HVAC, duct cleaning, general testing, infrared thermography, legionella, animal, bird and bat damage, odor investigation, fire and smoke damage and general indoor air quality.

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